Scotch Bonnet Pepper – named after the “Tammie” a bonnet style hat traditionally worn by Scottish men, which the pepper resembles. Scotch Bonnet is ubiquitous throughout the Caribbean and West Africa and prized for its heat and sweet flavor.

Ginger, Tumeric (which gives us our bright appetizing color), Lime, and Caribbean inspired Mineral Water round out the unique flavor of our “Vincy” brew.

7% Lime

Bathed in the spirit of

St. Vincent and the Grenadines 

A family recipe developed by mixologist
Karl Franz Williams and inspired by his
Grandfather, Uncle Waithley who lived his
entire life on the enchanting island of St. V
incent and the Grenadines.

What is

Vincy is a local term meaning from/of St. Vincent, the beautiful southern Caribbean nation made up of 32 islands and cays and known for its fun loving people, chic private isles, volcanic landscapes, and beautiful beaches.

What do we mean by
Small Batch Vintage Fermentation?


A key advantage of being a small batch company is that our team gets to personally inspect every knob of ginger, root of turmeric, and scotch bonnet bell that passes through our kitchen.


We take pride in preserving both a recipe and process that has been passed down with great care. When Karl’s father advised him to rest the ginger beer for a minimum of three days, his words were heeded, resulting in our unique vintage fermentation process.


Only the freshest limes are juiced and added just before carbonation, for the perfect acidity.


Every time we seal a cap, we ensure the
flavor of Uncle Waithley’s gives a little
history, personality, and passion in every

Oh, and by the way, I am sure you noticed a little bit of
separation in our product, with some settling out to the bottom.
Well, that’s just proof that it is 100% real fresh ingredients. Not
just flavoring! Give it a little swirl and enjoy!

Good vibes only

We believe that in life you determine the vibe. When that vibe is chill, filled with laughter, good drinks, and great friends it’s traditionally called a LIME in Caribbean slang. Uncle Waithley’s is the only Ginger Beer with the LIME built in!

Elevate your cocktail or enjoy solo!